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The Hidden Caves of the Dead Sea Scrolls

By March 2, 2021Archaeology
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This month the Historical Faith Society is focusing on the archaeological work of Dr. Randall’s Price at Qumran. The Historical faith Society (, of which Dr. Price is a resident scholar, is a new organization established to defend the Bible against attacks on its historicity and reliability. There is a faith crisis taking place on America’s university campuses because academics have told students that events such as the Exodus never occurred and central figures like Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon never existed. The truth is that the evidence for the historicity of the Bible is there and only needs to be known. World of the Bible Ministries has this as their mission and we are grateful that the Historical Faith Society now exists to join in the fight for the faith!
We are grateful that the Historical Faith Society has as one of its goals to help raise much needed funding for archaeological excavation. They are launching this effort with a focus on the work of our founder including a special view of our Qumran excavations, interviews with Dr. Price on his work and a panel discussion with scholars and Dr. Price on the significance of biblical archaeology. Below is a link to the introductory video for this month’s focus on the Qumran Cave Excavation Project. Please watch and pray how you can have a role in the support of our forthcoming January 2022 excavation of Cave 61 at Qumran.
Here is a link to view the video.

Introduction: The Hidden Caves of the Dead Sea Scrolls: