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The Hidden Caves of the Dead Sea Scrolls

This month the Historical Faith Society is focusing on the archaeological work of Dr. Randall's Price at Qumran. The Historical faith Society (, of which Dr. Price is a resident scholar, is a new organization…
Ken Stanford
March 2, 2021

The Sanctuary’s Sweet Cover-up

Many people today use diffusers to disperse essential oils into the air to promote physical health and freshen a room. The diffuser’s function somewhat resembles that of the altar of incense, which was an essential…
Randall Price
August 20, 2020

The Liberty Biblical Museum

Dr. Randall Price has an extensive collection of biblical antiquities and Genesis flood fossils on display at Liberty University.  You can take a limited virtual tour of the museum by following the link below. The Liberty…
Randall Price
June 25, 2020