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2025 Holy Land Study Tours

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2025 Israel Tour

Typical Israel Tour Review: The entire tour experience in Israel with Randall and Beverlee was inspiring, informative, and uplifting! Both Randall and our special tour guide were wonderful and knowledgeable teachers. Not a moment was wasted, and the itinerary was packed with a variety of important biblical site visits and experiences. Our accommodations were all wonderful, and logistics were handled smoothly and efficiently. Daily devotions kept us spiritually grounded and inspired. I consistently felt like I was learning on a safe and well-organized journey.
And How can I choose the “best parts” from among an entire trip of beautiful moments?! If forced to choose, I would place the following in my “Top 10”. (But truly the best part was walking the streets of Israel with fellow believers, learning together, and be led by knowledgeable biblical and historical scholars).  Participating in the Temple Mount Sifting Project: I could have stayed there all day, searching for, and discovering, links to the past!  Our visit to the Temple Mount: That was quite a significant experience. I am grateful we were able to walk about the expansive site, learning about the historical and spiritual importance of each area. Touching and praying at the Wailing Wall brought tears to my eyes. Sea of Galilee: Walking alongside the Sea and enjoying the special early evening boat ride on the water was one of the most uplifting experiences. Our visit there made the setting for Jesus’ ministry come alive!  Witnessing the land’s topography first hand made me appreciate the physical context of the gospels. Beth-Shan/Decapolis: There’s an overwhelming amount of excavated history to see here. It was like time-traveling, and so exciting to provide context for biblical events and culture. One of the most moving experiences of the trip was to stand in the arena of the Decapolis where Christians were martyred.  Terri A.- Huntsville, AL   (More reviews and picture gallery below tour choices)

2025 Israel Adventure Intro Study Tour

April 26th – May 8th, 2025 – 13 Days

Price to be determined (last year was $5649)

with Petra Jordan Extension Tour option – May 7th-May 11th- 5 Days

(2 days of overlap with main tour for 16 days total for both tours)

Price to be determined (should be around $1500)

TOUR IS FULL (Lakeside Church and St. Paul Lutheran)

Israel Introductory Tour Information

Overview of Our Tour

In 2024, Dr. Randall Price will be making his 113th trip to Israel and the lands of the Bible; most of them guiding groups on tours of Israel, Jordan,Turkey, Greece, and Egypt. He started the Tour part of his ministry after studying at the Hebrew University in Israel and seeing how it changed his perspective and realized a need for pastors in particular and believers in general to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the land of Israel and under-standing the Bible in the context of it’s geographic and cultural setting. Our Israel tours are typically limited to one bus (up to 56 people) to keep the tour personal and allow complete access to Dr. Price and his wife Beverlee during the tour. Very rarely, depending on the tour, this limit will increase beyond one bus.

World of the Bible Tours (WBT) is the tour ministry division of World of the Bible Ministries. WBT organizes and conducts inspirational study tours to the Bible lands to give Christians a firsthand and life-changing experience with the living world of the Bible.

In operation since 1982, World of the Bible Tours has provided thousands of pastors and laymen with a new awareness of the stage upon which the biblical drama unfolded. Special tours to new archaeological sites, lectures by leading political & religious figures, worship services with Israelis, and on-site dramatic recreations are unique features of some of our tours (varies from tour to tour depending on local circumstances), all complemented by our thoroughly biblical-practical and devotional emphasis.

Dr. Price came to our church in Redding, CA. At the time I was going through quite a bit of stress and fear about my job, my home life situation, my adult children, etc, and I was having doubts about Jesus and the resurrection. I don’t exactly know why it happened but I was having such a hard time believing in my late 50’s. Dr. Price preached that day, and the way he laid out the gospels and the faith of the disciples opened my eyes, my heart, and my faith. I have never forgotten his message and was so appreciative. I am so appreciative of his message and for bringing me back to the truth of the gospels.

Jan Tischler

I first heard Randall Price speak about 14 years ago at a conference. His presentation was so interesting I returned to the same conference the next year. After experiencing Dr. Price’s vast knowledge of the Bible, archaeology, and prophecy while on The World of the Bible tour, I purchased several of his teaching DVDs. Our Bible study group has watched and appreciated them all.

Patti Dillistone

Randall Price has a passion for the truth. His work in discovery and presentation of the truths found in the Bible are supported by the evidence he has helped uncover on Earth. His efforts are wrapped in excellence and have had a profound impact on my witness to others and to so many others worldwide!

Thomas Herrod

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