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Biblical Archaeologist, A Leading Scholar on Biblical Prophecy, & Global Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Randall Price is a Biblical archaeologist and retired Liberty University Distinguished Research Professor who brings factually-backed context surrounding Scripture to people all over the world through his archaeological digs, guided tours, books and writings, documentaries, and conference speaking events.

With over a hundred Middle East trips under his belt and decades of research, he’s an award-winning expert in the historical, cultural, and geographical background surrounding events recorded in the Bible.

Dr. Price, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, is also an expert in Biblical prophecies and speaks often on subjects such as the Premillennial interpretation and the literal fulfillment of the prophetic promises of God from the Old and New Testaments.

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WBM 2024-2025 Dr. Price Speaking Schedule


January 11th – Dunham Bible Museum, Houston Christian University, Houston, TX – Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls – 7PM

February 22nd- TAV Ministries, Australia – Zoom engagement with Dr. Price on “The Dead Sea Scrolls and Trusting the Bible” : Meeting ID: 828 357 8288    Passcode: shalom316

March 4-6 – Chafer Seminary Conference, West Houston Bible Church, Houston, TX

March 8-9 –  Southeast Florida 14th Annual Bible Conference, North Hialeah Baptist Church, Hialeah, FL

March 14 – Friends of Israel ( to sign up) – Randall Price  speaking online on How Archaeology Confirms the Reliability of the Bible

March 9, 16, 30 – Thru the Bible Class, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA

March 24 – Bayside Community Church, Tampa Bay, Florida

April 9-22 – Footsteps of the Apostles Tour to Greece and Turkey

June 1-14 – World of the Bible Adventure Study Tour to Israel -Cancelled…see 2025

June 27-30 – Prophecy Watchers Conference, Colorado


April 22-27th – Optional Jordan Pre-Tour before the Israel tour

April 26th-March 8th – World of the Bible Adventure Study Tour to Israel

Bring Your Audience a More Complete Picture of the Bible

Bring Your Audience a More Complete Picture of the Bible

Confidence in Living Out Faith

Make More Discerning Decisions

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Where is the Temple Mount           Searching for the Ark of the Covenant               Digging for the Truth

World of the Bible’s founder Dr. Price attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as the University of Texas where he received his Ph.D. After finishing seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M), Randall Price, spent time in Israel diving deep into the historical, political, and geographical context around the Bible. He began with a trip to Israel on a personal mission to have a better understanding of the milieu that surrounded the passages he read in the Bible. Shortly after that trip, his mission for personal understanding shifted into a lifelong quest to continually share with others the truths he uncovered. Thus far, Randall has been to Israel over 110 times for World of the Bible.

Dr. Price focuses on biblical archaeology, that is, excavations and artifacts that come from the Biblical world that may contribute to our knowledge of the Bible’s text, history, culture, and background. Dr. Price uses the results of archaeological excavation and research to help explain the biblical text and to defend the historicity of the Bible.

Dr. Price believes biblical text should receive the priority in the interpretation of the history recorded in the Bible. While some archaeologists prioritize archaeological data in order to interpret Biblical history, believing the Bible to only be a religious book, Dr. Price believes the Bible records the accurate history and a more complete history than the archaeological record can provide. Therefore, it should be accepted as trustworthy and given the priority in understanding the more limited context of archaeology.

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Dr. Price came to our church in Redding, CA. At the time I was going through quite a bit of stress and fear about my job, my home life situation, my adult children, etc, and I was having doubts about Jesus and the resurrection. I don’t exactly know why it happened but I was having such a hard time believing in my late 50’s. Dr. Price preached that day, and the way he laid out the gospels and the faith of the disciples opened my eyes, my heart, and my faith. I have never forgotten his message and was so appreciative. I am so appreciative of his message and for bringing me back to the truth of the gospels.

Jan Tischler

I first heard Randall Price speak about 14 years ago at a conference. His presentation was so interesting I returned to the same conference the next year. After experiencing Dr. Price’s vast knowledge of the Bible, archaeology, and prophecy while on The World of the Bible tour, I purchased several of his teaching DVDs. Our Bible study group has watched and appreciated them all.

Patti Dillistone

Randall Price has a passion for the truth. His work in discovery and presentation of the truths found in the Bible are supported by the evidence he has helped uncover on Earth. His efforts are wrapped in excellence and have had a profound impact on my witness to others and to so many others worldwide!

Thomas Herrod

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