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Bible Prophecy

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Bible Prophecy

Globalism God’s Way

Dr. Price in this prophectic message video compares how the world's rush to globalism contrasts to God's way of "globalism". Go here to view the video: Please note the last five minutes or so…
Ken Stanford
July 17, 2022
Bible Prophecy

Jerusalem in the Coming Days

The current focus is on the Coronavirus pandemic. Many rightly recognize that such a plague and the global control that comes with its management fits the pattern of events predicted for the beginning of the…
Randall Price
August 20, 2020
Bible Prophecy

Preterism and History

It is evident in the news that with the rise of radical Islam since 2001 that we have had a rise in anti-semitism, but what is also true is that anti-semitism begin long before the…
Randall Price
January 30, 2020