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The Russians Are Coming…to Israel?

By July 27, 2017Bible Prophecy
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People often ask me “How close could the Gog and Magog War be?” We who are futurist in our interpretation of prophecy know it is future (according to the use of the term “last days” in Ezekiel 38), but usually say we do not know how close – just getting closer every day! Keep watching the headlines! This week news that the Russians are mobilizing near Israel’s borders in their intervention in Syria may provide such news (even if not in the headlines):

“The full deployment, set up on July 21 and 22, included “two checkpoints and 10 observations posts were established around another de-escalation zone near the country’s southwestern border with Israel … So the Russians are coming to the Golan. The future is beginning to take shape there.” – Seth Frantzman, “The Russians are Coming” to The Golan? Terra Incognita ( July 26, 2017)   For the link click here: Seth Frantzman

The Israeli cartoon series “Dry Bones” (interestingly, a name taken from the reference to Israel’s Restoration in Ezekiel 37, the chapter before the Gog and Magog chapters 38-39) posted the cartoon picture of the smiling Russian Bear that we are using with this post.

While we do not want to see this as anything other than possible preparation for the future (as the author of the article did), we do want to remind ourselves that God can be observed in our world news moving His prophetic program forward for all to see. Let’s keep watching for His Hand in history and above all, keep watching for the Blessed Hope of His soon coming!