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The Temple Mount

Dr. Randall Price equips with stunning tools for apologetics, and explains why the Temple Mount must be the only site for God's Temple. Dr. Price also teaches indisputable evidence gathered through his own geological discoveries…
Randall Price
February 16, 2020
Bible Prophecy

Preterism and History

It is evident in the news that with the rise of radical Islam since 2001 that we have had a rise in anti-semitism, but what is also true is that anti-semitism begin long before the…
Randall Price
January 30, 2020

Archaeology and the Ark

The Ark of the Covenant was largely introduced to people outside biblical circles through the Hollywood movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Though the film was fantasy, it did place the Ark into an Egyptian setting,…
Randall Price
November 8, 2019