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What Should We Think About Israel

By May 17, 2020August 11th, 2020World of the Bible
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Jonathan Bernis welcomes Dr. Randall Price to discuss how the world is changing and why every Believer must understand it and respond. Hear how those born after 9/11 think differently than those born prior and how the impact of this shift affects their view of politics and Bible prophecy. You’ll learn of a movement in the younger generation that is one of the newest forms of anti-Semitism spurred by propaganda. You’ll discover the relevancy of Israel to you and all Believers. You’ll hear about the currently proposed peace plan for Israel and why every plan throughout history has failed. See why it does matter what you think about Israel and how you can help influence trending world views with the truth.

Dr. Price is a theologian, archaeologist, research professor, author and the president of World of the Bible Ministries.