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Vagueness and Bias in Reporting on the Latest Temple Mount Attack

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I was looking for the latest on the Temple Mount attack of this Friday (July14th) which I had just learned about, and clicked on Fox News which was using AP sources in their written reporting of the incident.  What I found confused me.  Nowhere mentioned in the latest hourly updates nor in some previous updates was the mention of the “Temple Mount”. It just spoke of “a Jerusalem Holy Site”.  So I am thinking, “Which Jerusalem Holy site? There are so many!”  Only when I went back a couple more updates did I get the split reporting of the Jews calling it the Temple Mount and the Muslims calling it the Al Aqsa Mosque/Dome of the Rock.  While not mentioning this vague AP reporting specifically, but in the same vein, the Jerusalem Post just published an article about this type of reporting vagueness and bias.  Update by: Ken Stanford/WBM – Photo Credit: Ammar Awad/ Reuters)
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