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What Should We Think About Israel ?


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What Should we Think About Israel? exposes the main current issues and provides well-researched objective facts to help you learn the truth about Israel’s past, present, and future. This compilation from experts including Walter Kaiser,Jr., David Brickner, Mitch Glaser, Michael Brown, Arnold Fructenbaum, and Steve Ger will help you answer the tough questions:

What is the history of the strife and suffering that continues in Israel and Palestinian territories-and what are the potential solutions?

What are the significant and long-term implications of locating the US Embassy in Jerusalem?

Why is the Holocaust still such a big deal nearly 75 years after it happened?

What is the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement all about?

What is being done to restore relations between Jews and Arabs?

Learn from respected scholars how to look past the heated debates and discern for yourself what is important to know about Israel, and how that affects you today.

Other chapters in the book: What should we think about…Zionism, The Modern State of Israel, Christian Support for Israel, Israel’s Right to the Land, The Temple Mount, Jewish and Arab Relations, Israel’s “Occupation”, The Plight of Palestinians, The New Anti-Semitism, Replacement Theology, The Role of Jews in World History, The Jews as a Chosen People, Jews that become Christians, and Palestinian Christians?

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