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Dr. Price’s Tribute to Dr. Stanley Toussaint

By September 7, 2017World of the Bible
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My professor during Dallas Seminary days and long time friend, Dr. Stan Toussaint, has gone home to glory. He was a mentor to me before I attended seminary through tapes of his Bible teaching I listened to in college. Later, at DTS, he taught me the survey of the Bible and through the years encouraged Beverlee and me as we began this ministry. Starting a couple of years ago, he told me that every Tuesday morning he and his dear wife Maxine would pray for World of the Bible and my teaching at Liberty University. Dr. Toussaint was a staunch defender of Dispensational Pretribulational Premillennialism and one of its most capable spokesmen. He was a member of the Pre-Trib Research Center (of which I am a Board Member) and we would enjoy seeing he and Maxine each year at our annual meeting in Dallas. Recently, I was with him when we attended the funeral service of Dr. Charles Ryrie, and he reminded me how many of God’s choice servants had retired to glory. Now he is among those faithful saints. His legacy includes countless lives, like mine, who always found him a wise and sympathetic counselor, an encouragement to stay the course (he lived with the effects of polio throughout his life), and an example of holding firm to the Word of God and of a godly life. May we encourage those of you who did not know him to find his teaching online and learn from him and to pray for Maxine who must now carry on their ministry of prayer and help and encouragement. To God be the glory for the humble, faithful, and Christ-honoring life of Dr. Toussaint!  For more information about the memorial service go here: Dallas Theological Seminary