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Israel Adventure Study Tour 

13 Day Introductory Israel Tour  – April 26th-May 8th, 2025

with optional 6 day Jordan Pre-Tour – April 22nd -April 27th, 2025

Please note pricing is to be determined but registration is open below itinerary.
Deposit is still required to hold spaces (the tour will fill quickly!) but is fully refundable for two
 weeks after pricing is announced but then normal deposit terms apply.
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13 Day Israel Study Tour Itinerary – April 26th-May 8th, 2025

Please note that due to local conditions changes may be made to the itinerary before or during the time of travel.

Day 1

Saturday, April 26th  – Those traveling on our GROUP flight please meet our tour group at NYC-? by 7:30 pm (if possible arrive earlier in case of flight delays) at the ? gate for the Israel flight (in Terminal ?) for an orientation with group escort for our ??? pm departure on ? airlines to the land of Israel. You will receive dinner after take-off and breakfast before landing. Those booking their own complete flights according to our instructions should be arriving in Israel by 5:15 pm at the latest on June 2nd to join the group at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (TLV).

Day 2

Sunday, April 27 th – Arrive TEL AVIV at ? pm, meet Dr.Price and our guide, Michael Schneider and bus driver and transport to the Golden city of Jerusalem . Check-in to the beautiful Dan Jerusalem Hotel. We will have a fabulous expansive buffet dinner and a good night’s rest!


Day 3

Monday, April 28th  – JERUSALEM – We begin with a historical and prophetic overview of the Holy City on the Mount of Olives. Following this we have the opportunity to find remains from the Temple periods at the TEMPLE MOUNT SIFTING PROJECT. Learn about all of ancient Israel’s history at the ISRAEL MUSEUM visiting the MODEL OF SECOND TEMPLE JERUSALEM and the SHRINE OF THE BOOK, the Museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Next we tour the ARCHAEOLOGICAL WING of the museum, focusing on the archaeological evidence for the Bible.  Return to the Dan Jerusalem Hotel.


Day 4

Tuesday, April 29th   – JERUSALEMToday we begin our day at Next we ascend to the TEMPLE MOUNT to explore the ancient site of the Jewish Temples. We visit the WESTERN WALL where you can say a prayer or place a written prayer in the crevice of the wall. Next we go under the Temple Mount through the WESTERN WALL TUNNELS that take us on the original ancient path of Jesus and His disciples. Then we enter the JEWISH QUARTER to see visit THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE where preparations are being made for a future Temple. Next we will visit the BURNT HOUSE to learn about the destruction of the Second Temple in A.D. 70. We conclude our day at YAD VASHEM for a somber remembrance of those who died in the Holocaust. Overnight at the Dan Jerusalem.


Day 5

 Wednesday, April 30th JERUSALEM –We begin our day at DAVID’s CITY to see where Israel’s monarchy began. We will tour the remains of the FORTRESS OF ZION, AREA G– the excavations of the First Temple period city – WARREN’S SHAFT and the SPRING TOWER from the Jebusite & Canaanite periods, and then walk through either a Canaanite dry tunnel or the historical Israelite ancient 1,750 foot engineering feat of HEZEKIAH’S WATER TUNNEL.  We next visit the new excavations at the POOL OF SILOAM in the KIDRON VALLEY and possibly walking up to the Second Temple period city via the PILGRIM’S ROAD TUNNEL (depends on engineering completion in June of 2024) to tour the archaeological excavations related to the Second Temple destruction at the SOUTHWESTERN WALL of the Temple Mount and the SOUTHERN STEPS and the remains of the area of the Beautiful Gate (healing of the lame man through Peter) as well as the excavations of the FIRST TEMPLE PERIOD SOLOMONIC WALL in the OPHEL. We then return to the Dan Jerusalem Hotel.


Day 6

Thursday, May 1st  – COASTAL PLAINFollowing the beautiful Mediterranean Sea we arrive at CAESAREA MARITIMA, the Roman resort of officials such as Pontius Pilate and prison of the Apostle Paul. We walk along the beach, seeing the remains of Herod’s coastal palace and a Roman aqueduct. Our next stop is MEGIDDO (the name synonymous with “Armageddon”) to tour the ancient site and see the vast Jezreel Valley. Next we go to the NAZARETH VILLAGE where we will experience a re-creation of daily life & customs in Jesus’ day in the heart of Nazareth, Jesus’ home town for most of His life! Overnight at the wonderful Caesar Premier hotel with access in the evening to the marina and shops situated beside the SEA OF GALILEE.


Day 7

Friday, May 2nd   – GALILEE– Begin today with a BOAT RIDE ON THE SEA OF GALILEE in a replica of a first-century ancient fishing boat and a concert with Jewish believer and boat captain Daniel Carmel. Returning to shore, we will see a real first-century fishing boat (called “the JESUS BOAT”) that was discovered buried near the edge of the sea and is now located in the MAN IN THE GALILEE MUSEUM. Next we visit the MOUNT OF BEATITUDES, the site of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and to TABGHA (Peter’s Primacy) where Jesus met the disciples after His resurrection. Then we visit CAPERNAUM, and see the synagogue where Jesus preached and the remains of the city. We finish the day at new excavations at MAGDALA, also visiting a beautiful Chapel with a unique alter, a beautiful wall painting of the healing of the woman who touched Jesus’ Tallith, and an acoustic dome in its center.


Day 8

Saturday, May 3rd  – GALILEE –We journey to the GOLAN HEIGHTS, stopping to see the ancient ruins of Hippos and then to see the archaeological site of TEL DAN and the waters of Mt. Hermon flowing in the Dan river (a head water to the Jordan River) with a nearby gate from Abraham’s time and the high place of Jeroboam and then CAESAREA PHILIPPI (palace of Herod Philip and Temple of Pan). We may stop and shop for fresh cherries and nectarines, and other fruit at a local market, We end our day at the Jordan River for a baptismal service at YARDENIT.  Enjoy a boat ride to a special dinner on the Sea of Galilee at the Decks Restaurant.

Day 9

Sunday, May 4th   – JORDAN VALLEY/JUDEAN DESERT- Next we visit BETH-SHEAN, one of the largest archaeological sites in Israel with Egyptian, Philistine, and Roman remains, also where Saul and Jonathan were taken after their deaths. We then stop at JERICHO where the Israelites trusted God for the first victory in the promised land and see the actual walls of Jericho. Lunch at Jericho. We then drive to EIN BOQEK to check-in to the beautiful Enjoy Dead Sea Hotel. Leisure time to enjoy the amenities of the hotel’s spa (optional), the cool swimming pool or experience floating in the DEAD SEA at the hotel’s private beach. Dinner and overnight.

Day 10

Monday, May 5th   – JUDEAN DESERT- Begin the day at MASADA, site of the Jewish people’s final stand against the Romans in A.D. 73, ascending by cable cars to see the remains of Herod’s palatial fortress. We then drive to EIN-GEDI (a modern nature preserve) where David hid from Saul and composed some of the psalms. Optional climb to NAHAL DAVID (upper waterfall). We then drive to QUMRAN, site of the community that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls and of Dr. Price’s excavations on the southern plateau and have a late lunch and some quality shopping. We end our day back in Jerusalem and the once again the beautiful Dan Jerusalem Hotel.


Day 11

Tuesday, May 6th  – BETHLEHEM– Christmas comes early this year as this morning you enter BETHLEHEM. Climb the HERODIAN, the mountain-fortress of Herod the Great where the infamous king’s tomb was just excavated several years ago, then to the SHEPHERD’S FIELD to sing Christmas carols inside a shepherd’s cave (with a stone manger ). Next we enter the CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY, the traditional birthplace of Jesus and site of Jerome’s translation of the Latin Vulgate. After time to shop at an OLIVE WOOD STORE we return to Jerusalem and overnight again at the Dan Jerusalem Hotel.


Day 12

Wednesday, May 7th  – JERUSALEM – We begin the day at the MOUNT OF OLIVES and again walk down the “disciples path” to DOMINUS FLEVIT, the place where Christ wept over Jerusalem and to The GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE where He prayed. We then visit CAIAPHAS’ HOUSE, the home of the high priest that presided over the Jewish trial of Jesus. We continue on, walking the VIA DOLOROSA, Jesus’ path to the cross. Entering at St. Stephen’s Gate, with a visit to St. Anne’s Crusader Church (wonderful acoustics for singing) and seeing The POOL OF BETHESDA. Continuing on the Via Dolorosa we come to the Church of the Flagellum and ending at the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHER, the traditional site of the crucifixion and tomb of Jesus. We continue our reflection on the sufferings of the Savior with a climax at the GARDEN TOMB with a COMMUNION SERVICE. Enjoy a farewell dinner at the Na’ura Restaurant in ABU GOSH (biblical Kiryath Yea’arim) and then to Ben-Gurion airport for a late night group flight to the USA. The group arrives at ??? at ??? am on the 9th.


Day 13

Thursday, June 13th  – The group ??? flight arrives at ??? at ??? am, transfers to domestic flights for home with your wonderful memories of the land of Israel!



Jordan Pre-Tour Option

April 22-27th, 2025

Please check option box at bottom of registration form.

Please note that due to local conditions changes may be made to the itinerary before or during the time of travel.

Jordan Day 1

Tuesday, April 22nd – Jordan Pre-tour group flies from JFK/NYC USA non-stop to Jordan on Royal Jordanian Airlines on an evening flight.

Jordan Day 2

Wednesday, April 23rdAmman, Jordan – Today we either arrive in Amman in the afternoon, meet our guide and board our Jordanian bus and continue to then check into the beautiful and grand Le Royal Amman Hotel.

Jordan Day 3

Thursday, April 24th –  Amman/Mid-Jordan – We begin our day with a visit to the Jordan Archaeological Museum and see the famous  Dead Sea Copper Scrolls.  We then visit MT. NEBO, the site where Moses looked into the Promised Land and the place of his burial. We then visit MADABA, with the oldest map of Jerusalem. Next we drive to MACHAERUS, the fortress and palace of Herod Antipas and the site of the death of John the Baptist. Overnight at the Ma’In Resort Hotel, a special place to relax in this desert land built next to a high cascading hot springs waterfall.




Jordan Day 4

Friday, April 25th – Mid Jordan/Petra- Today, after a leisurely start, we visit BAB EDH-DHRA, possible site of biblical SODOM sifting through the ash layer for brimstone and pottery shards and then NUMEIRA (possible site of biblical GOMORRAH). Our next stop is the possible site of LOT’S CAVE and MUSEUM at ZOAR. We then drive to Petra and overnight at the beautiful Petra Movenpick Hotel

Jordan Day 5

Saturday, April 26th – Petra All day tour of the awesome World Heritage Site of PETRA, “the Rose-red City Half as Old as Time” and the new PETRA MUSEUM. Overnight again at the gorgeous Petra Movenpick Hotel.

Jordan Day 6

Sunday, April 27th Eilat/Jerusalem – Early morning start from Petra to where we cross the Jordan/Israel border near Eilat. We arrive at EILAT and first visit the fascinating RED SEA MARINE OBSERVATORY.  We then visit TIMNA PARK and have a guided spiritual tour of the replica full scale WILDERNESS TABERNACLE.   We then catch a late-afternoon flight from Eilat back to Ben Gurion to meet the incoming main Israel tour group and bus with our guide to Jerusalem and overnight at the Dan Jerusalem so we can start our wonderful tour of Israel in the morning!

You are signing up for the Israel Introductory Tour  for April 26th through May 8th, 2025 at $????*/ One Form per person / $500 Deposit per person(couples/families can send a combined check): Send Check made out to World of the Bible Ministries to PO Box 827, San Marcos, TX, 78667-0827 . Fill in form online and press submit at the bottom of the form. Please read important tour information below registration form.

Tour Information

Tour Cost

Israel Adventure Study Tour  – April 26th – May 8th, 2025

13 Days – Price from NYC-???: $????

*Total price includes ???? airfare from NYC- ??? (Please note ????  group air is limited and is first come first serve) . If group air is unavailable we can guide you for the personal booking of flights to get you to Israel about the same time as the group air and you will pay WBM a Land Only price of $????), 4 or 5 star star Hotels with half board (Breakfast and Dinner),and all Guide/Bus/Tips cost.  Single supplement is $???? for this tour. Price given is cash price (payment by check).

A Credit Card can be accepted but with 3 percent up-charge. Please know if using a credit card and you make an error, such as hitting the payment button twice, when we send the payment link we can only refund the tour cost over payment but not the 3% processing fee as our CC processor will not refund the 3%.  If you have a problem with the CC charge process please call us FIRST before starting a dispute with your card provider.  It is much easier to resolve with out the dispute process!


NOTE: A minimum of a travel insurance medical policy is recommended and not included in pricing. You can get an idea of of “medical only” policy cost or a total travel insurance policy by doing an estimate from or .  Choosing trip cancellation insurance along with the medical policy raises insurance costs significantly. For full trip cancellation insurance see also (under 70) or for  all ages. The best value cancel for any reason trip insurance is probably through , but do compare with others.  Do look at all terms for these policies to make sure you understand what you are buying. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR BEST COVERAGE TO SIGN UP WITHIN 14 DAYS OF REGISTRATION FOR ANY POLICY.

Trip Payment, Cancellation & Refund

$500 per person deposit due upon registration, payment in full is due by February 25th. Cancellations in writing and confirmed by phone (512-557-3140) received on or before January 10th will receive a full refund less $150 cancellation per person and administrative fee, cancellations after January 10th and before final payment deadline will result in the loss of at least $250 of the $500 deposit.

Cancellations after FINAL and FULL payment date will be subject to refunds based on the refund/credit policies of the respective airline carriers and ground operators to which payments for services have been paid and result in full loss of the $500 per person deposit. In most cases a percentage of monies may be debited by these providers. Interruption of trip for any reason will be subject to regulations imposed by respective providers. World of the Bible Tours, and Trans-Global Travel assume no responsibility for refunds on any unused portion of the trip. Trip Insurance is recommended for protection in case of cancellation issues. Payment of deposit is indication of agreement with all the tour terms listed.


Meals are half-board (breakfast and dinner) daily within the hotels or guest houses, or outside restaurants as scheduled by the Tour Director. Lunch is not included, although time for a brief lunch break will be provided. At such times all food and beverage purchases are the sole responsibility of the participant. Missed meals (for whatever reason), substitution meals, and additional food and all beverage purchases at scheduled meals, room service, food items in store in the room, etc. are the sole responsibility of the participant. Snacks or meals at any time on the tour or in transit to the tour are the participant’s responsibility.

Tips for Services and Porterage

Tips to the bus driver, the tour guide, hotel staff, restaurants and miscellaneous people are included in the package price. Generally, this tip amount, which is specified on the Registration form, is paid with your final payment as Dr. Price tips for the whole group. Porterage is provided for one bag only between designated carriers upon arrival at foreign destination hotels. Excess luggage should follow the recommended tip schedule of $1 per bag. Each participant is responsible for their own luggage to and from tour arrival and home departure airports. Weight allowances vary with airlines and each participant is responsible for obtaining correct information from their carrier and for paying excess pounds. Carriers are now typically charging $100 for the second checked bag either way.


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Accommodations in Israel are in four- or five-star hotels. All rooms are double occupancy. Triple occupancy is possible at a reduced charge but is not necessarily recommended. Single Occupancy rooms are available at the additional rate specified on the Registration form. Participants who join the tour without a roommate will have a roommate assigned. In the event that no roommate is available before the final payment is due the participant must pay the single supplement rate. Any substitutions or alteration of these arrangements during the tour due to personal preference and other reasons are the sole responsibility of the participant.


Insurance is not included for any losses whatsoever. Please purchase your own insurance for trip cancellation, life and health, and any other coverage required (there are several tour insurance web sites to compare prices at).

Other Expenses

Costs and tips to porters, taxi drivers, and restaurant wait staff for personal services are not included in the group tipping program, beverages not included with meals (bottled & mineral water, coffee & tea [included at breakfast only], soft drinks, laundry, personal items, and other conveyance fares not specified as a part of the tour package, or any other item or expense not detailed in the terms above are also the sole responsibility of the tour participant.


Transportation is usually provided by our agent Trans-Global Travel or their agents. Tour rates usually include international air transportation between Newark Liberty or New York-JFK and Tel Aviv (except for fuel surcharge subject to change) but can be modified to Land Only rate if requested or required if group air requirements are not met (flights purchased by participant(s) under Land Only arrangement are their sole responsibility), transfer to and from the airport, conveyance within countries, between hotels and tour sites by bus.

Domestic Air fares from home cities to New York-JFK are the sole responsibility of each Participant except when included with additional cost by mutual agreement prior to final payment.

Prepare For Your Tour

Included in the tour costs is our extensive TOUR PREPARATION TIPS, a 26-page PDF guide with all the information you need  to get ready for your Israel tour and our exclusive Pilgrims Journey to Israel tour journal with site pages that allow for personal recording of thoughts and history notes and has as much scripture in full pertaining to the sight as possible. It also has space opposite each site page for more notes or photos.

Additional recommendations available for purchase:

The Stones Cry Out (book) introduces you to the places and personalities involved in revealing biblical history. Read about and see exclusive photos of the sites you will visit on our tour. Many charts and diagrams also help you get a grasp of the various historical time periods and new archaeological discoveries.

The Stones Cry Out DVD takes you on an archaeological journey hosted by Dr. Price letting you preview many of the places you will experience on the tour.

Our WORLD OF THE BIBLE TOUR MANUAL, a two-volume 1,000 page, illustrated guidebook compiled by Dr. Price is available on a thumb drive as a PDF as an optional resource to help you maximize your tour (only available after registration)!

It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Randall was an excellent teacher, but he was also a humble servant who looked out for us and took really great care to meet all our needs. Amazing, life changing trip!

Andy and Anne W.

The experience was wonderful. I have been to Israel 3 other times with other tour groups and this by far was the best tour! Randall and Beverlee were wonderful! Thank you both for making us feel welcomed and special.

Jim and Kathy J.

Whenever someone asks me about my visit to Israel, I tell them, “It was wonderful. I would go back in a heartbeat. And I wouldn’t go back with any other tour group!” World of the Bible plans a breath-taking tour and I cannot thank you enough for the trip.

Anna S.