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Bringing You A More Complete View of the Bible

Discover Factual Context that Reveals a Deeper Insight into Scripture and Prophecy

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Don’t Let a Lack of Assuredness Hinder Your Faith

It’s difficult to grow in your faith when you lack confidence about what you believe. Don’t be held back by incomplete answers to your questions.

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Stand Firm in What You Believe with Greater Knowledge of the Context Surrounding Scripture

Feel Secure in Your Faith

Historical, Cultural & Geographical context provides you with greater insights into Scripture so you can feel confident in upholding your faith.

Plan for the Future

With a greater understanding of how Scripture applies in our lives, you can feel peaceful about God’s plan.

Be Better Equipped

Understanding the context around Scripture can help you better identify truths from mistruths.

Help Others Understand

When you’re armed with the truth, you can help others discover the answers to their questions, as well.

We Care About You Getting the Answers You Seek

As fellow believers, we know how life-changing it can be to have an authentic understanding of Scripture. We care about you having more complete awareness of the context behind the Bible.

For almost 30 years, World of Bible’s guided Israeli tours and highly fact-checked educational resources help people just like you have the information needed to better discern how to live in confident faith.

  • Highly fact-checked historical, cultural, and geographical context behind Scripture
  • Privileged access to more information and locations
  • Unparalleled experience with over 110 guided Israeli tours
  • Unique archeological discoveries like the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Numerous books, television programs and DVDs
  • Led by Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Judaic Studies at Liberty University, Dr. Randall Price
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Randall is an expert in Biblical and Qumran-Studies and his scientific work helps also the interested laypersons to get a well-founded answer to questions about the credibility of the Bible. For over 20 years I have valued his work and it is great, that he can be such a blessing in the Lord's kingdom.

Alexander Schick

Randall’s scholarly contributions to rigorous biblical archaeology, seeking to support the veracity of the Bible, including multiple conference presentations which I have attended, and a fair number of white papers covering similar topics have together all been very useful. We need his voice to continue with sound, biblical and scholarly resistance to the antagonistic and liberal voices and influences assaulting the modern church and especially our youth.

Daniel M Wright

Randall Price and World of the Bible Ministries kindled in me a passion that continues to grow. The Stones Cry Out – the first book I ever read on archaeology and how it reveals the truth about the Bible – was such an inspiration!

Jan Sessions

Here’s How Easy it Is to Get the Answers You Seek:

1. Explore the Discoveries

There are numerous ways to explore the discoveries: Guided Tours, Riveting Books, Fascinating Videos & Informative Articles

2. Know the Truth

With greater access to information and locations many others cannot access, you can have access to the most thorough context.

3. Uphold Your Faith & Beliefs

Historical, cultural, and geographical context allows you to have an authentic understanding of Scripture.

At World of the Bible, we know you want to be discerning about how you guard your faith and beliefs. In order to do that, you need to discover context around the Bible that provides a complete insight into Scripture. Unfortunately, the surplus of inaccurate and incomplete information about the Bible is confusing. We believe you should have the historical, cultural, and geographical context that reveals the whole truth. We understand how life-changing it can be to have an authentic understanding of Scripture. World of the Bible’s guided tours and highly fact-checked educational resources provide you with the information you need to be better equipped to live your life as a believer.

Become A Partner In Ministry

Being able to uncover the comprehensive context behind the Bible requires a dedicated team, collaboration among multiple countries, thousands of hours of research, and the financial funding to keep it growing. Because World of the Bible Ministries, Inc., a 501 (C)(3) non-profit mission organization, is supported by the voluntary contributions of individual donors, local churches, and other organizations, it can be challenging to consistently receive the necessary funds. Your partnership in the ministry’s mission to spread a more in-depth understanding of Scripture is greatly appreciated.

As a partner in ministry, you share our commitment to teaching God’s Word and upholding the authority and reliability of the Scriptures through Dr. Price’s books, DVDs, conferences, and Biblical archaeological projects.

Our Archaeological endeavors are major efforts and have increased the number of funds that must be raised to support them. At present, our only source of support comes from friends who recognize the significance of our archaeological projects to advancing our knowledge of the Bible and its ancient Jewish context.