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Israel, Islam and Armageddon:  The Final Battle for Jerusalem (renamed)

Israel, Islam and Armageddon:  The Final Battle for Jerusalem (renamed)


Narrated by Dave Hunt

  • Video (VHS) or CD:  60 minutes
  • Release Date:  October 15, 2001
  • ASIN: 1928660053


     Video (VHS):  $19.99 

     CD-ROM:        $19.99  


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SEPTEMBER 11, NY, NY:  THOUSANDS MURDERED.  Was this the work of Islamic radicals or the Islamic faithful?  This groundbreaking expose' answers this vital question, corrects the misinformation advanced by much of the world media, and offers some startling insights.
Bible prophecies state that tiny Jerusalem will play a pivotal role in the world's destiny.  Narrated by best-selling author and scholar Dave Hunt, this stunning documentary will help you understand why.  Also, bonus features include a special presentation by Dave Hunt plus question and answer session.
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