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Jerusalem Report

By Randall Price

In Jerusalem I had the rare privilege of meeting Mr. William Kando, the son of the Arab merchant Iskandil Kando who first purchased the Dead Sea Scrolls from Bedouin in 1947 and from whose home in Bethlehem Moshe Dayan expropriated the Temple Scroll at the close of the Six Day War in 1967. William now possesses the remains of one large scroll of Genesis (valued at $35 million) and numerous fragments of biblical and other texts. A number of these were recently sold by him (or his agents) to Azuza Pacific University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. We had two very pleasant meetings and I will be bringing my June tour group to his Bethlehem shop to view one of the Dead Sea Scroll jars he has on exhibit and hear his story of his grandfather’s role in this exciting history. Kando does have more fragments for sale (see photo of me with William and a scroll fragment), however, the price is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and he is very insistent that the remaining fragments go to institutions that deal with the Bible so that they can be shared with Christian believers (Kando is a member of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem).

 I was also invited to meet another figure in the world of archaeology, the 87 year-old Israeli billionaire Mr. Shlomo Moussaieff, who owns the world’s largest private collection of biblical artifacts and antiquities. He made his fortune selling precious jewelry to international royalty and high society, especially Saudis and Persian Gulf Arab States, and the average price of one of his necklaces is more than a million dollars. In 1948 Shlomo fought in the old city of Jerusalem and when the city fell into the hands of the Jordanian Legion, he was taken captive and was imprisoned for a year. Another interesting fact is that his daughter Dorrit is married to the current President of Iceland. He showed us a photo of he and his parents mounted on camels in front of the Great Pyramid, taken in 1924 when he was only two years of age. He said, with a smile, that his love of archaeology and antiquities began from that date!

 He gave me a personal guided tour of the antiquities housed in his apartment in Herzaliya (the rest of his collection is in his London apartment) and of the stories connected with finding and purchasing these priceless items (see photo).

Among the many rooms filled with of hundreds of artifacts were inscriptions mentioning the Jerusalem Temple, Jesus, Abraham, the Queen of Sheba, and a number of the Assyrian and Babylonian monarchs mentioned in the Bible. He even showed me Urartian pottery vessels he bought from locals on Mt. Ararat and told me he also had relics they claimed came from Noah’s Ark! Mr. Moussaieff wants to have his biblical antiquities collection preserved in a museum for future generations. He wants this museum to be in Jerusalem and in a particular part of the city. Right now he is negotiating with building owners over a $27 million dollar property. It is hoped he will be successful in getting his museum, otherwise his collection may be divided and sold by his family after his death. His holdings are so important to the world of the Bible that it would be tragic if his dream could not be realized!


 I am now back in Virginia teaching courses on Israelology at Liberty University and finishing work on the Handbook to Biblical Archaeology that will be soon published by Zondervan Publishers. Of course, I continue to prepare for our fourth (and last) season of expedition to Mt. Ararat this August. Please accept my sincere thanks for your prayers and for helping us at World of the Bible Ministries continue to serve the LORD and His people around the globe.

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