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Archaeology Update

“What if We Find the Ark?” Ararat Report No. 10 (September 1986)

John Morris of the Institute of Creation Research ( )
Some have been quite negative toward the project,
citing the lack of professionalism of some of the
expeditions. This adverse reaction has been heightened by
the tendency of the secular media to ridicule the
"fundamentalists" who are at it again. Still others point out
the biblical truth that we must "walk by faith and not by sight."
They fear that the ark would become "an idol" if discovered, and conclude that
God would not let it be found. Some complain that only
"an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign"
(Matt. 12:39).
Second, while the Bible does demand faith in many
areas, this is not true with respect to the account of Noah
and the ark. The world is full of proof of the flood, with an
elegant story of the destruction and death it caused trapped
in the sedimentary rocks of the earth's crust. This story is
clearly read, except by those who "willingly are ignorant"
(2 Pet. 3:5).

God has always provided evidence to make our faith a
reasonable faith (see John 20:27). The "spiritual" truths of
scripture are validated by the historic and scientific truths
in which they are contained (see John 3:12).

Third, no matter what the issue, some will
misconstrue it and misuse it But concern for this should
not stop us from presenting evidence to those who have
legitimate questions (see Rom. 3:3,4).

Fourth, the Pharisees in Matthew 12 were looking for
a magic show, a sign; they were hardened in their unbelief
and rejection of truth. There are many today who would
not accept the message of Noah's Ark if found (see Rom.
1:20), but many would seek to understand its implications.
Yes, there are many, and the potential good of a
possible discovery far outweighs any negatives that can be
raised. Let me list the implications in several areas:

Archaeologically: Since the pre-flood world
"perished" (see 2 Pet. 3:6), we should expect to find few, if
any archaeological remains of that civilization. Noah's
Ark, if it-still exists, is a remaining archaeological link to
that lost world.

Scientifically: Many readers are well aware that the
godless, unscientific, evolutionary world view is based on
the unproved assumptions that "the present is the key to
the past" If the flood of Noah ever happened (i.e. a rapid great
world-restructuring event), this assumption is wrong.
And yet, evolution stands upon it.

If the ark were to be found, it would constitute absolute
proof, which even an honest agnostic would have to accept,
that the earth's past was much different from its present It
can be demonstrated that the biblical flood is incompatible
with concepts of a very old earth and invalidates all
evolutionary arguments. The ark's discovery would ring the
death knell on that already fragile world view of evolution.

To Christians: The battle for the Bible rages these
days even among evangelical Christians. Sadly, most
Christian liberal arts colleges, many seminaries and nearly
all ~ if not all -- large denominations have thrown out a
literal understanding of Genesis and related passages.

Historically and logically, the first point of
compromise has always been the flood and the ark.
Discovery of the ark would prove that even the stories in
scripture which are hardest to believe are literally true. This
would strengthen the faith of those who need it and
confront the compromisers with their error. No other
single project would have such sweeping effects.

To Non-Christians: Perhaps most affected would be
those who have never seriously considered the things of
the Lord, those who have been duped into believing the
Bible has been scientifically disproved. Facing such
overwhelming evidence as the remains of the ark, many
would seek to understand.

Christians would have unlimited opportunities to
explain that the ark was God's gracious method of
salvation for the believers of a previous world in a time of
great rejection and consequent judgment Those on board
were placed in a new and better world after the flood.

Since the Bible identifies Noah's Ark as a "type" of
Christ (1 Pet. 3:20,21; Matt. 24:36-39), the ark's
discovery, properly explained, would focus the attention of
the world on Jesus Christ, our present-day Ark, God's
present, gracious method of salvation for believers, those
who have turned to Him during this time of great rejection.
Those on board this Ark (placed there by belief in Him as
their personal Saviour) will escape the coming judgment
and be placed in a new and better world hereafter.

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